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All, we just picked up a bunch of beautiful Porgies!…And we want to get rid of them this week. These are the freshest you can get…We have so many, for this week we are pricing them differently…Buy one, get the second one for half price…The Porgies are extra large $12-$16 for one and get the second one half off…We will also have Porgies on the trailer in Spring Valley on Friday….


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*Fish is subject to seasonal availability

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When our menu says that an order of the original fish and chips contains four pieces of fish, it means you’ll find four sizable fillets atop your fries.Please bring a hearty appetite and/or some friends and family, because our portions are shockingly generous.

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Our Story

Our Story

Off the hook of Haverstraw was formed in 2006. We serve the fried fish of the American South We provide an assortment of homemade sides that include candied yams, cole slaw, collard greens, macaroni and cheese and black eyed peas. Our signature fish batter is unique, light and flavorful. We place our batter against any batter in the industry.

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